3 Days Semuliki Flying Safari

3 Days Semuliki Flying Safaris. 


Semliki National Park is located in western Uganda famous for its unique features and biodiversity. Semuliki is part of the larger Albertine Rift ecosystem having physical features like the Semuliki River, hot springs and diverse flora and fauna. 

The place is home to primates like chimpanzees and baboons, also notable with numerous bird species all offering a distinctive landscape to your expectations.The 3-day Semuliki flying safaris takes you through amazing nature walks, hot spring tours and Batwa cultural experience 

Day 1: Entebbe to Semuliki airstrip (Nature walks in the afternoon)

Depending on your location, the driver will transfer you to Entebbe airport to be transferred to Semliki airstrip in Semliki National Park. Upon arrival, the guide will transfer you to your booked hotel for check-in and prepare for the afternoon nature walks. 

The nature walks are a serene experience amidst lush surroundings guided by naturalists allowing you to explore diverse ecosystems and spot unique flora and fauna. The sounds of birds and rustling leaves create a tranquil atmosphere as you stroll through the lowland tropical rainforest. The walks may lead you to River Semuliki providing a chance to appreciate the scenic beauty of this unique national park. 

Day 2: Hot springs tour and Batwa cultural experience.

After breakfast, the driver will transfer you to the starting point and prepare for the mesmerizing hot springs tour. 

This is one of the most popular attractions in the park naturally having a geyser shooting from about 8 meters wide at 100 degrees Celsius hot. You have a chance to cook different items like eggs, bananas and sweet potatoes for consumption.

The hot springs are divided into the female and the male hot springs but the male hot springs are hotter than the female hot springs. Women also collect water from the female spring since it’s believed to be blessed especially in giving birth.You can spot numerous birds like Frasier ant thrush and blue-breasted kingfisher amidst different primate species like red-tailored monkeys, baboons and grey-checked mangabey.After the hot spring tour, you are required to go back to the starting point, have lunch and head out to the Batwa cultural experience. 

During the Batwa cultural experience, you can learn about these people who originated from the Ituri forest, learn about their hunting skills, and their ways of life in the wild. Enjoy their show-offs of the dances, songs and storytelling as you are allowed to participate just to make them feel at home. After this experience, the driver will transfer you back to your hotel for dinner, relaxation and overnight stay.

Day 3: Fly back to Entebbe.

This marks the end of your adventurous 3 days Semliki flying safari. After breakfast, check out from the hotel as the driver will take you to the landing site to catch your flight back to Entebbe.