1 Day Kigali City Tour

1 Day Kigali City Tour

Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda. It has been ranked several times among the best MICE destinations in Africa.

The one day Kigali city tour takes you to some of the city’s most magnificent centers that are hit every day by almost all tourists to the country. On this day, you will visit the Kigali genocide memorial, Presidential palace museum, have lunch in a local restaurant, and then visit the crafts market for souvenirs.

The trip starts with a pick up from your hotel in Kigali. Having had a heavy breakfast, our driver guide picks you, briefs you about the day and then drives you straight to Kigali genocide memorial site.

This site exhibits Rwanda’s dark history that the country is still recovering from. At the site, there is a museum that exhibits portraits and remains of some of the thousands of people who were killed in the genocide. The site guide takes you through the whole story of the tribal genocide that led to massive deaths in Rwanda. Fortunately, the country is now recovering.

From here, visit the Presidential palace museum. This was the former state house of the late President Habyarimana before his plane was shot in 1994 at the start of the tribal genocide. Today the palace is a museum that exposes how president Habyarimana used to carry on his life, and all the things that happened in the state house. Also witness the remains of the president’s craft that was crushed in his compound.

Then have lunch at one of the nice local restaurants in Kigali to taste the local cuisines that the Rwandan kitchen hides.

From here, passby the Kigali convention center where national and international meetings, conferences, exhibitions and incentives are held in Kigali. You will visit a craft market for souvenirs to carry back home in remembrance of this awesome Kigali city tour.

Be driven back to the lodge or from the starting pint to mark the end of the trip.