Known by many as the “Land of a Thousand Hills”, remarkable Rwanda is a small but extraordinarily beautiful country. Comprised of sweeping savannah that blanket the undulating plains running from the eastern based Akagera national park to meet the jugged Virunga ranges in the north, making Rwanda a typical adventure and holiday destination. Intermittently divided up by romantic hills and extensive plateaus, it is a notable point where two legendary rivers, Congo and Nile draw their big volumes of water.

The country is one of the smallest in the world by surface area, only covering 26,338 km². Kigali is the official administrative, political and economic capital but majority of the people still live on the small farm lands spread across the country side. Not only hilly, Rwanda is comprised of beautiful golden Savannah and alpine forest landscape, and as such, the remarkable Rwanda has a lot to offer to her visitors who intend to engage in safaris within its tropical jungles, Bamboo plantations, hiking the Virunga volcanoes and driving through her splendid Savannah.

Lately, Rwanda supremely rose to become one of the top wildlife safari destinations in Africa, offering unmatched experiences to travelers through its varied wildlife, vast landscape, verdant birds, authentic culture and other gifts that Rwanda has been blessed with. The name Rwanda is synonymous with lush forests, rugged mountains and sweeping landscapes, celebrated for its rich, natural parks, historical and cultural attractions. Kigali city alone offers much more, from ancient architecture, museums, modern shopping malls, amazing restaurants and world class hotels, delicious cuisine and warm people.