Budget gorilla trekking – Across borders, hope spills, as you envisage what good can come out of the wilderness, a lonely jungle that hosts plenty of creatures with human-like attributes and perhaps contributing greatly to the good living celebrated by different tribes, nationalities and individuals. Rendering unforgettable memories to primate lovers who travel miles to just find out how their relatives who found no space and opted to move to a quiet place, withstanding both heat and cold in the thick bushes, not in every country in the world, but Uganda (gifted by nature), Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda (land of a thousand hills).

Imagine a forest, without life, without echoes and sounds from all angles and residents who take the trees as their life and shelter, there would be fewer stories to tell about the planet earth, thanks to the conservation effort of good Samaritans like Dian Fossey who laid aside her glory to just interact, save and conserve the gorillas.