Dr. George Schaller

Dr. George Schaller’s contribution to wildlife, especially mountain gorillas. 

Dr. George is a German-born American biologist and conservation author born in the year 1933, recognized and known to be the world’s preeminent field biologist who studied wildlife throughout Africa, Asia, and South America. 

Dr. George is known to be among the fathers of wildlife conservation and works to save several animals like tigers, pandas, leopards, and gorillas. He dedicated his time for almost 50 years to conserving different species.

In the year 1966, he traveled with his wife to Tanzania to stay in Serengeti National Park where he conducted one of his first studies about the social behaviour and movement of Africa’s big cats. 

Little was known about gorillas until he published the mountain gorilla ecology and behaviour in 1963. This book provided a broader historical perspective on the efforts to save gorillas from extinction. 

He was helped and assisted by fellow conservationists like Dian Fossey in breaking field research on gorillas in the Virunga National Park. They did this by dispelling gorillas’ public perception as brutes by demonstrating deep compassion for these gorillas and teaching people about their behaviours.

Dr. George Schaller is an Asian, African, and South American who spent most of his time in the field leading seminal studies on how to protect endangered animals like mountain gorillas. 

He is a wildlife biologist who has made significant and positive contributions towards conserving and protecting mountain gorillas.

He pioneered field research in the 1960s on mountain gorillas in the Virunga mountains in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. In doing this, he added valuable insights into the behavior, social structure, and ecology of the endangered mountain gorillas. 

Due to his hard work, several parks have been able to conserve and protect gorillas alongside other wildlife species. He also worked hand in hand with zoos and became a senior conservationist at Bronx Zoo-based wildlife conservation society.

This research that he conducted played a main and significant role in raising awareness about the plight of gorillas because his endless works and efforts helped them garner international attention and support for their conservation. 

His tireless dedication and passion for these primates have really inspired a good number of individuals to take in careers within wildlife conservation and biology which has widened the need to conserve gorillas. 

Dr., George also recognized community engagements where he involved communities in his efforts. The work he did promoted community-based conservation initiatives and eco-tourism which contributes positively for both gorillas and the people. 

In addition, he has authored several books like The Mountain Gorilla and Ecology and Behavior whose publications and aims are to educate the public about the challenges faced by gorillas and the need for their conservation.

He has also produced a good number of magazine articles about tigers, leopards, rhinos, wild sheep, goats, and jaguars. Dr. George is the author of The Serengeti Lion which happened to win the National Book Award. 

Dr. George Schaller’s work has been instrumental in the survival and protection of mountain gorillas. His research and advocacy have not only increased the understanding of these primates but also have contributed significantly to the conservation of their endangered species and their habitats. 

His career has been marked by extensive fieldwork and research on some of the world’s most iconic and endangered wildlife species. 

He continues and has continued to inspire generations of conservationists and researchers worldwide.