Is Rwanda safe for tourists?

Known as a country of a thousand hills, Rwanda is a country of pristine and impeccable beauty despite having endured one of the gravest genocides in history in 1994. This landlocked East African country enjoys a temperate and subtropical climate with two wet seasons and two dry seasons.

Tourism has become Rwanda’s greatest earner of foreign exchange and it also boasts as one of two countries in Africa in which the endangered mountain gorillas can be safely visited. Tourists flock to Rwanda all year round to view wildlife, volcanoes, and dazzling waterbodies and generally enjoy the brisk atmosphere of Rwanda. The hospitality offered by the people is just as beautiful as the country. Rwanda ranks 6th among the safest countries in Africa due to various factors.

In an effort to recover from the devastating genocide events, the government of Rwanda has practically overcompensated the country in all aspects making it extremely safe, beautiful and flourishing. Rwanda is regarded as a low to medium-crime-risk country, however, being a developing country, Rwanda experiences some incidences of crime which are usually nonviolent, though tourists are rarely targeted as tourist sites are secured. 

Additionally, there haven’t been any terrorist attacks on Rwanda in recent times. Rwanda has a comprehensive security detail that ensures a minimum crime rate and thus tourists should equally be vigilant of the rules to avoid getting into trouble. Rwanda similarly has one of the best and organized health care systems in Africa with three main hospitals in Kigali, and tourists are assured of the best health services while in Rwanda. 

Malaria in Rwanda is not known much since the government has taken on initiatives like spraying and mosquito net use. Travel insurance to Rwanda not only involves medical insurance but also theft and loss of goods while in the country. The greatest danger in Rwanda however is traffic conditions in terms of road network and conditions of vehicles but this problem has been solved by tour operators who ensure the conditions of tourist vehicles. Regardless, Rwanda also has a reliable bus system which tourists can use to travel across the country. Many tour companies have been set up to make guided tours safe for tourists and this has made tourism more beautiful and secure.

Rwanda is blessed with abundant flora and fauna, fascinating landscapes and savannas which entice more tourists to come and visit. It harbors many species of birds, insects, animals and endangered species like the mountain gorillas which are endemic to few parks in East Africa. This is one of Rwanda’s major tourist attractions and gorilla trekking has become popular with most tourists visiting the country. 

The tropical rainforests of Rwanda harbor many other primates like chimpanzees and colobus monkeys which are rare to find. These forests are biologically diversified with beautiful canopies and many tree species. Rwanda’s lakes are also distinctively unique, especially the tranquil lake Kivu which is not infested by dangerous aquatic life. Tourists get an opportunity to swim in the natural waters and the breeze here is perfectly fulfilling. 

The beaches and islands on the lakes are wonderful relaxation sites after tiresome tourism adventures. Rwanda is also rich in history and culture and many tourists come in to experience the vibrant Rwandan culture and visit cultural and historical sites to learn more about Rwanda’s history, especially the genocide. Rwanda is also blessed with spectacular panoramic landscapes and beautiful pattern hills accentuated by the pristine tropical climate. 

Rwanda offers the best tourist packages with luxury accommodation facilities, great tour guide services and wonderful hospitality to tourists. All in all, Rwanda is a beautiful African country that every tourist needs to experience.