Luxury Hotels in Kidepo National Park

Kidepo National Park is located in the northeastern region, bordering South Sudan and Kenya. The national park is known to be remote and pristine, offering untamed and unique safari experiences. 

During your safari, you will need somewhere to relax, refresh, and have an overnight stay. Luxury hotels in Kidepo National Park are;

  • Apoka Safari Lodge

Apoka Safari Lodge is a well-known luxury accommodation located outside the park within the boundaries of Kidepo Valley which has beautiful waters and a good number of wildlife that are seen converging to drink some water. Apoka is filled with beautiful views of the surrounding landscapes, giving clients various amenities and guided safari activities. 

Most tourists like to be hosted at Apoka because of its big and cozy beds, ensuite bathrooms that have both cold and warm showers, private verandas, outdoor tubs, woven carpets, wardrobes, mosquito nets that prevent mosquitoes from infecting you with malaria, and flashing toilets. The lodge is comprised of 10 rooms, which are well constructed from stones and wood, giving it a good view that blends with the environment. 

The environment and surroundings at Apoka Lodge are calm and peaceful filled with songs from different birds since Kidepo is one of the national parks known to host a good number of bird species. 

During your stay, you can enjoy and engage in activities like bird watching sighting birds like ostriches, golden pipits, fox’s weaver, and black-winged, wildlife viewing, seeing animals like zebras, buffaloes, lions and waterbucks, game drives, guided nature walks and community visits. 

  • Zebra Safari Lodge.

Built-in an African traditional style with a grass-thatched roof, the newly built lodge is comprised of five comfortable and luxurious king-sized cottages and is a good place for one looking for savannah experiences in the wild. The lodge is located in Kalukudo village in Karenga district, Karamoja region. 

Zebra Safari Lodge is filled with comfortable and convenient rooms perfect for clients who want to explore Uganda in the untouched wild. 5 cozy rooms comprised of king-sized beds overlook the savannah landscapes of Kidepo National Park. Each of these rooms has a mosquito net, flashing toilet, sliding windows, basins, bathroom with both hot and cold showers, toiletries, private veranda, and a private balcony where you can sit and relax your minds off the beaten troubles. 

Different rooms have different beds like single beds, double, triple, and family beds. Feel free to enjoy the restaurant with some delicious food and a well-stocked bar with a variety of drinks like cocktails, spirits, international and local beers and wines as well as free WIFI that allows you to stream all day and stay updated.

During your stay, you can engage in activities like game drives, nature walks, and community tours. 

  • Katurum Lodge.

Located in the Kidepo Valley region near Kidepo Valley National Park is Katurum Lodge providing easy access to the park. The lodge offers a wide range of accommodations like cottages and tents designed to give clients the true natural beauty of the surrounding areas. 

Katurum Lodge used to be a good spot for bird lovers but now is a perfect place for adventure and nature lovers. The lodge has 6 cozy and luxurious rooms with a flat-screen, a private bathroom with both cold and warm showers, towels, slippers, free toiletries, a desk, a clock, alarm clocks, a drying rack, and a terrace. 

It also has parking, a restaurant with delicious food serving continental breakfast, room service, a well-stocked bar operating 24 hours with different local and international beers, wines, and spirits, and an outdoor minor swimming pool.

You watch the sun go down as the hues of the sky flow from the burnt reds and shining oranges with a cocktail in your hands. 

The lodge is a good place for picturesque views as well as Kidepo and Narus Valley giving individuals beautiful vistas from their rooms. During your stay, you can engage in activities like bird watching, game drives, nature walks, community visits, and wildlife viewing. 

  • Adere Safari Lodge. 

A gorgeous and beautiful place set at the edge of Kidepo National Park filled with natural settings enabling you to enjoy the magical sights of different wildlife while relaxing in the cool waters of the swimming pool. Adere safari lodge is comprised of custom-designed cottages filled with a unique and exclusive setting and functional luxury touches.

During your stay, you can engage in activities like wildlife viewing encountering animals like cheetahs, buffaloes, zebras, and lions. This lodge gives you a truly untouched setting of the surrounding areas of Kidepo National Park, game drives, bird watching, guided nature walks, and cultural visits to the Karamojong. 

The lodge has 20 luxurious and self-contained rooms crafted and made in the design elements enabling clients to always connect with nature while in their rooms. Each room has a private bathroom with both cold and warm showers, towels, slippers, free toiletries, mosquito nets, a desk, and a private balcony.

You can enjoy the restaurant serving different delicious meals of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, a well-stocked bar comprised of soft and hard drinks, free parking space, laundry services, massage, and gym spa, saunas, and steam baths which help you to stay fit, and relax your body in an appropriate way not forgetting business centers and conference halls.