Ruhija Gorilla Sector

Ruhija is a gorilla sector located in eastern Bwindi Impenetrable National Park known for its lush and dense forests and home to endangered mountain gorillas. People who visit this sector get a chance to see magnificent primates in their natural habitat. 

Ruhija is located between the congested sector known as Buhoma and Kibale town in the south, which makes it easier to access from the southern and northern directions. You can enjoy a fascinating game drive or see tree-climbing lions later after gorilla trekking in Queen Elizabeth National Park because the sector connects and stretches up to there. 

The sector is filled with beauty behind hills, rich biodiversity and a good number of bird species which makes it a good destination for bird lovers and people looking for enthusiasts as well. 

It offers ultimate and tranquil gorilla trekking experiences compared to the other three sectors in the national park making it a good place for individuals seeking for quieter and less crowded encounters with these primates. 

Ruhija sector has few families compared to others which makes it less crowded and a phenomenon due to its location. Ruhija gorilla sector not only allows you to trek mountain gorillas, but you can also engage in other activities like bird watching since it is a popular place for a good number of birds, relax at Lake Bunyonyi filled with fascinating hills and island which is a perfect area for your soul and body.

You can go on a primate walk giving you a chance to spot different primates like olive baboons, red-tailored monkeys and black and white monkeys swinging from one tree branch to another. 

Ruhija gorilla sector has four gorilla families namely Kyaguriro, Mukiza, Bitukura and Oruzogo; all of which are habituated hence providing 32 gorilla permits each day for gorilla trekking. 

Gorilla Families in Ruhija Sector, Bwindi impenetrable National Park. 

  • Kyaguriro Gorilla Family.

Kyaguriro gorilla family is located in Ruhija sector, it is the smallest family among others, which makes it attractive and less congested, especially for people looking for a more intimate gorilla trekking experience. The family’s first silverback called Rukina died in the year 2015 by lightning. Later on, Mukazi led the group and led to its splitting into kyaguriro A, kyaguriro B and Rujkara in the year 2016. 

  • Bitukura Gorilla Family.

The family is found in Ruhija sector of Bwindi National Park. At first, it was comprised of 24 members but later split and currently has 14 individuals with 4 silverbacks. The gorilla family got its name after a river in the forest called Bitukura where they were first seen. 

Habituation started in 2008, taking 15 months compared to the recommended 12 months. The group is comprised of 4 silverbacks, 1 blackback, 2 juveniles and 1 infant under the leadership of Ndahura the dominant silverback. 

  • Oruzogo gorilla family.

Oruzogo family was habituated in 2009 and opened for visitors to trek in 2011 after undergoing habituation for two years. This is the most visited gorilla family because of the gorilla young ones that show a playful nature to the visitors making it interesting to trek. 

The family got its name from a plant within the forest known as oruzogoto in the local language which is found within the family’s range. The family is led by a dominant and three infants.  It is so exciting to visit this family because baby gorillas keep you engaged and busy due to their playful nature. 

  • Mukiza gorilla family.

This is among the newly habituated gorilla families in Bwindi National Park and is interesting to trek. It split from Kyaguriro family after misunderstandings. The family consists of 15 individuals who welcomed a baby gorilla in the year 2020 under the leadership of a dominant silverback Rukara.