3 Days Mundari Cattle Camp Tour

3 Days Mundari Cattle Camp Tour

Safari Overview.

With 3 Days Mundari Cattle Camp Tour, it’s time to explore a recently established country in Africa, learning about the gorgeous scenery and the Mundari tribesmen’s way of life. South Sudan is currently an independent country after being divided from Sudan.

The country has unparalleled tourism attractions, a lengthy history, and many different cultural groups. On this safari, you visit the Mundari cattle camp where you may see the beauty of the white-horned cattle, take pictures, and talk to the fervent tribesmen. One of South Sudan’s largest cattle camps is there. You will experience rural life and learn about the Mundari people’s social activities and eating customs.

Detailed Trip.

Day 1: Juba to Mundari community

On this day, you will meet and greet with a representative from our company, take some juice while you receive a pre-safari briefing. Once the briefing is over, you’ll head off toward Juba’s northern direction. Given how hot it can become in South Sudan, you might expect to see some individuals going around with their chests bare – not out of choice, but due to the climate and culture. Their height and the marks on their body shouldn’t surprise you either because most cultures believe in these things.

Pause for lunch for a short while before arriving in the Mundari community in the evening. The locals will greet you with open arms. You may take in the beautiful sunset as well as the returning shepherds following a hard day of moving cattle. After dinner, pinch the camp for a good night’s sleep.

Day 2: Experience the Mundari culture

This is an opportunity to learn about the Mundari traditional way of life, explore the cattle camp, take pictures, go on community walks, and connect with the locals who are renowned herdsmen and will be eager to amuse the visitors with dance, cultural displays, storytelling, and other entertainment. Although language may be a barrier, every word is conveyed with the help of a professional. The Terekeka town is home to Mundari people. They are reliant on agriculture and herding.

You’ll be perplexed by the young men and women who, as a matter of cultural tradition, bear the letter “V” on their foreheads. The day will be spent doing a village tour, learning about cattle, participating in wrestling matches, and other things. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the happenings in many civilizations throughout the world.

It’s a day to celebrate the cheers, songs, and traditional foods that make Africa truly unique. You’ll stay until dusk, at which point you’ll head back to the campsite for dinner and the night.

Day 3: Departure

You’ll get up really early to see the magnificent sunrise rays, and then you’ll have breakfast. You will then pack your things, leave some money behind, and go to Juba City, the capital of South Sudan. Upon arrival, you will ideally have a tour of this bustling town and eat lunch before climaxing this 3 Days Mundari Cattle Camp Tour to the agreed drop-off location or to Juba International Airport for outbound flight.

End of safari