How many humans does it take to beat a gorilla?

How many humans does it take to beat a gorilla?

Why should humans want to beat the gorillas? Gorillas are endangered mammals considered both primates and apes. They inhabit areas of tropical mountain forests as well as low land areas. Like human beings, gorillas live in groups called families comprising of 2 to 20 members. Each family is led by an alpha male called a silverback, it gets this name when the back turns to greyish silver color.

Gorillas are energetic whereby an adult male weighs an average of 136kg and an adult female has a weighted average of 13 kilograms. This makes it the largest primate on planet earth making it a great way to discover and explore while on your African safari. Gorillas are gentle giants which means that they are peaceful but most humans refer to them as the most aggressive and dangerous animals.

They are known to be shy and retiring by nature hence becoming aggressive when they are threatened for example while using a flashlight Camera on trekking or habituation, they may tend to react. Before they harm a human being they will give several warnings in form of beating the chest, making the loudest noise and much more. Therefore, gorillas do not attack humans but only defend themselves.

Therefore, even if the gorilla is energetic as you can think, the number of people to beat a gorilla differs depending on how energetic the people are but on average 5 people can beat a single gorilla. This means that one man can never beat the gorillas since the gorilla is more energetic than a human being. This means that one gorilla is equivalent to 5-12 energetic men which shows how strong the gorillas are.

Species of gorillas.

The two species of gorillas are the Eastern and western gorillas. The eastern gorillas are subdivided into eastern lowland gorillas and mountain gorillas which are most spotted in East Africa (Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo).

On the other hand, western gorillas are also subdivided into two and these are cross river gorillas and western low land gorillas. The eastern low land gorillas are the largest of the four hence the biggest ape on planet earth.

Incase of a gorilla charge?

As earlier mentioned, the gorilla may charge on people which is a rare occasion, but in case it happens, this can be a total threat. There are some of the precautions you need to know and follow while on your visit to Africa to see gorillas (in the presence of gorillas) in case it charges. Never run away since a human can’t be faster than a gorilla. Human beings’ speed is about 13km per hour and that of the gorilla is 32km per hour.

Armed Park rangers will always be there to protect trekkers but shooting a gorilla will be thought of as the last resort. Also, as an expert safari company, we are always there to protect you in case of any gorilla attack and this is rarely observed (not a common case). This is because the gorilla families visited are habituated, they are used to human presence and enjoy to be with their visitors.

In case of any attack from a gorilla, you need to study how the gorilla behaves, stay calm and put, and try to look away or groom the gorilla’s hands. When the gorilla is fighting people, it beats one by one until the last person.

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The question is now answered since one gorilla is 4 to 10 times stronger than a well-built young man.