Mountain climbing safaris in Uganda & Rwanda

Mountain climbing safaris in Uganda & Rwanda

Uganda and Rwanda are famous for their great and magical safaris not only for wildlife safaris but also for culture and mountain climbing safaris. These countries are located in East Africa with each having its uniqueness. Uganda is the pearl of Africa encompassing the entire beauty of Africa all in one place. Rwanda is known as the land of a thousand hills, dotted with small hills and towering mountains together which can be observed right from the city of Kigali, southern and northern region. It is also one of the cleanest countries in Africa. Mountain climbing safaris in Uganda & Rwanda mainly take place in conservation areas and national parks. For all park activities to run smoothly, a traveler requires to book the activity in advance for proper allocation.

Booking therefore can be done with the help of a recognized and professional tour operator or directly through government bodies like Uganda wildlife authority and Rwanda Development Board for Uganda and Rwanda respectively.

Mountain climbing safaris in Uganda.

Rwenzori Mountains.

Located in western Uganda in the Kasese district. It takes about 6 to 7 days to climb to the peak of mountains of the moon. Rwenzori Mountain is the tallest mountain in Uganda and the third highest in Africa, believed to be source of the longest river on earth – River Nile. This mountain shadows the Democratic Republic of Congo and is situated in the East African rift valley. Margherita peak is covered by snow and stands at 16,700 feet above sea level.

Demarcated trails through this mountain reward you with different attractions such as the three-horned chameleons, Rwenzori turacos, Bakonzo culture, chimpanzees, different vegetation covers with their unique plants like lobelias, wild bananas among others, different water bodies like Lake Kitandara and so much more. There are different options you can take for a hike – either short hikes or long hikes depending on your choice.

Mount. Elgon.

This mountain is located in the eastern part of the country and known to host the largest caldera shared between Uganda and Kenya. Wagagai is the peak of this mountain that hosts the world’s largest mountain caldera hence making it a must-reach attraction. Like with Rwenzori Mountains, the trails are well demarcated and these are good for bird watching, primate watching, visiting the caves and culture in the Sipi region. There are short nature walks and long hiking tours along Mount. Elgon and all these are worth undertaking.

Hiking Mount. Sabyinyo.

Mount. Sabyinyo is located along the border of Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is only possible to hike this mountain from Uganda and its summit offers the best scenery of all three countries, offering you an opportunity to stand in three countries at the same time. Sabyinyo is a local word meaning the old man’s tooth and this is because Mount. Sabyinyo is shaped like the tooth of an old man.

Mountain climbing safaris in Rwanda.

Rwanda is home to different mountains that are perfect for hiking, including Karisimbi, Bisoke, Mount Muhabura and much more. Like in Uganda, these mountains offer unmatched and beautiful sceneries while on the summit and they have both geographical and historical beliefs attached to them.

Hiking safaris in Uganda and Rwanda can also be combined with other safaris and done as a whole, such as gorilla trekking safaris, wildlife safaris, golden monkey treks, and cultural tours.

When to take mountain climbing safaris in Uganda and Rwanda?

You can take a hiking safari any day of the year but the truth remains that, the best time to take such a safari is during months of June – September and December – February when it’s a dry season. This is when trails are dry and can easily be navigated than during wet seasons of October to November and March to May when the trails are muddy and almost impassable.

Book mountain climbing safaris in Uganda or Rwanda with us and be ready to enjoy the best adventures in East Africa.