Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park

Unique attractions in Lake Mburo National Park.


Where in black or white just like these colorful enchantresses, zebras are either chanced in Kidepo National Park or Lake Mburo National Park. With approximately 3,100 plain zebras in the country, visitors are having a sure opportunity of sighting the rich in black and white glittering Burchell zebras grazing on the nutritious rich grasses of this park as it harbors almost half of the country’s zebra population.


Undoubtedly, the greatest herbivores in the wilderness graze on the grasses of Lake Mburo National Park because besides the enchantresses of color the zebras, the park houses the largest of the antelope family called Elands. Grazing from the woodlands along belles of this park – zebras.


The savannah plains of Lake Mburo National Park cannot miss out on feeding one of the big five animals. Either grazing on the savannah plains or resting comfortably on them, tourists should visit the park with an assurance of sighting a herd of these gigantic creatures. Watching their fur turn gold on rays of sunlight spraying on them and their strong curved horns makes a safari in Lake Mburo National Park interestingly enormous.


The park has five lakes that collaborate with the verdant vegetation and emerald green trees to nest over 350 bird species with some of the rare beauties like shoebills, pink backed pelican, yellow billed dark, brown parrots among others including the Tabora cisticola.

Not only do the various colors of the birds fascinate tourists but also various sounds and chirping vocalized by the species that keep the park spry and full of life.


The woody vegetation of Lake Mburo National Park spiced up by olea, Boscia and Acacia are a haven of wildlife considering the various herbivores that depend on it for their existence. Not only does the park flourish with vast colors of wildlife but also the rich verdant lush thick forest teaming up with the grassy valleys and permanent swamps bring life to this park and support the lives harbored in its wilderness.


Famed for harboring all kinds of antelopes, visitors can also observe two species of primates found in the park out of luck. The vervet monkeys and olive baboons. These can all be viewed moving in groups from a closer distance considering that they are all arboreal in nature. Sharing almost 98% of their DNA with humans, they are like kith and kin to each other but that doesn’t guarantee leaving together however these two species can be spotted in the same areas living in peace and harmony as though they want to dry up the ocean without a bucket.

When to visit Lake Mburo National Park?

When the rays of the sun hit shimmering savannah vegetation and woodlands, visitors cannot miss on feeling the sweetness of this park’s wilderness brought to life in the dry seasons, large volumes of animals gather around the lakes and water ponds to drink water and vegetation is generally thin therefore while the park lets in visitors throughout the year, dry months of June, July, August to September and December to February give the best exhilarating moments while on a safari in Lake Mburo National park.

Activities in Lake Mburo National Park.

Game drives

The zebra tracks, Kazuma and Kigambira loop nurture visitors into the expansive herds of herbivores found in the park together with other animals like leopards, bush duikers and a variety of bird species ranging from herons, black bellied bustards, kingfisher among others.

Scenic views can also be extended to the night for travelers interested in hearing wild cries from nocturnal animals like hyenas, leopards and sights of herds of the gigantic hippos grazing as though the day has just begun, watch tailed mongoose, bush pigs and genetic cats and sight these animals’ eyes light at night as though they can light the entire forest.

Boat cruise

Sighting the wondrous hidden treasure while sailing and floating is what a boat cruise over the peaceful shimmering waters of Lake Mburo provides. A two-hour water trip that sets off from the Rwonyo jetty at 8:00am or 2:00pm involves watching herds of buffaloes grazing, gigantic hippos gnarling and sinking joyfully in water, black and white enchantresses grazing and other vast water bird species all at the comfort of a deck on a boat.

Game walking tours

This exhilarating activity enables visitors to feel the presence of nature to its climax as they walk through the purest of air found in the lush green forests of Rubanga triggering their adrenaline while muscling up and down Kazuma hill while they get panoramic views of the various humble silver like lakes found in the park.

Follow trails that lead tourists to the salt lick, watch other beautiful species endemic to the thick forest cover including butterflies, chameleons, colorful insects while enjoying the company brought along by singing birds.

Bird watching in Lake Mburo National Park

A gem of birds is what this park can be classified as, with a total of more than 350 species with some being endemic, migratory, water birds, forest and savannah birds. Rubanga forest, swampy valleys of Warukiri and Miriti are some of the habitats of these lively creatures.

Visitors can engage in this activity together with one of other activities like game drives, boat cruises and nature walks to sight birds like Nubian wood pecker, African fish eagle, blue breasted king fisher and other park collections.

Sport fishing

While in this park, visitors can venture into catching one of the following fish species that include cat fish, tiger, tilapia, lung or mud fish. All tourists need are their personal fishing equipment and a fishing permit that is obtained from Uganda Wildlife Authority or easily booked through a recognized tour operator.


The wavy nature of the landscape in Lake Mburo National Park offers visitors with curiosity of engaging into a challenging but interesting activity of cycling through well-established routes through the savannah grasslands, thick forests while watching and meeting peaceful herbivores animals like zebra’s graze in harmony among their herds.

Horseback riding

Visitorswho can’t venture into riding a bike can jump on the horse’s back for a wondrous adventure into the park. Riding on the savannah plains of Lake Mburo National Park engages riders into sighting bush bucks, warthogs, waterbucks, elands and other collections in wilderness like different bird species.

Uganda is for profusion of brilliant life, variety of color and forms from dazzling and fascinating encounters that are mainly dominated by gorilla trekking safaris. Magnificence and exhilarating activities can also be ventured in by visitors from other parks that are found in the country.  Therefore, visitors only need their passports ready to venture into breath taking and hair rising safari experiences in Uganda that will turn them into story tellers.