A Uganda safari is highlight for African safaris. It’s just on rare occasions the tourists travel to the continent and never visit Uganda. Being the pearl of Africa, the country has so much to satisfy almost all needs of adventurous and relaxed, old and young, plus solo and group tourists, there is nothing that Uganda cannot offer. From the prolific nature filled with green lush, homing numerous wildlife species, including the endangered mountain gorillas.

With several expansive and gigantic lakes, Uganda is also a home to Lake Victoria; Africa’s largest fresh water lake. The source of the second longest river in the world; the Nile river was still discovered in Uganda by explorer John Speke. The ever changing landscape of the country is an outstanding scenery of its own, one minute you see a mountain, the other is a valley traversed with countless rivers, and then you hit a large plateau covered with golden savanna grassland. If it’s a safari in Uganda, just consider the safari categories below, you will be enthralled with what Uganda can offer.